Joy Club Slum Ministries

Joy Club Slum Ministries works tirelessly to reach the lost and bring joy to the children who live and work in the slums and dumps of Phnom Penh.

The children that we minister to in the slums and dump are being changed drastically. Many of them come from violent homes where gambling and drug use is common place. The children themselves have often been involved in gangs, theft, and glue sniffing. These children are learning to care for one another and live a life of honor. In any given Joy Club you will notice children sharing food, soap, and smiles. One of the most exciting things about this ministry is not just that the children are being saved and changed, but they are taking the Word home and teaching their families who are also being saved! More than 10 of our parents regularly attend services at NLF. They are learning to be parents who care for their children in the way our Lord cares.

Joy Club in the Slums: Every Thursday afternoon 10 volunteers pack up and head to the nearby slum where they minister to up to 200 children. The children have the opportunity to bathe for what may be the first time since the previous week. Any wounds or injuries are treated by trained volunteers. We teach the children health and hygiene and give each child a small meal to eat. We give other gifts to the children, including clothes, shoes and hygiene items when visiting teams donate these things. After all these needs are met, the Bible teaching starts. We have a creative program including songs, dramas and games that teaches the children about the Word of God.

Joy Club at the Dump: After church on Sunday afternoon 5-7 volunteers drive over to the city dump. As soon as they arrive they are swarmed by the 50-100 children excited to begin playing and learning. The children are taught about God’s love for them through games and Bible stories. These children are especially receptive to the Word of the Lord and are even able to tell you the stories they heard in previous weeks. At the end of our time together we give each child a small meal to take home with them. 

Joy Class: The children in the slums and dump have very limited opportunity for education. Joy Class is a small group offered to the children of the slums. Operating in the slums, around 20 kids attend for an hour and a half. This time is especially focused on discipling, empowering and teaching the children to help lead Joy Club and improving their English skills.

Want to keep the Joy going? Pray for our children and families to be saved and changed by the Word of God and love of the Father. Pray for anointing, strength, wisdom, and creativity for our staff and volunteers.

You can pray for us. We have a quarterly newsletter for Joy Club children's slum ministry. It contains updates about what we are doing and our prayer requests. To sign up for our newsletter, please click here.


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