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Bringing Hope and a bright future by breaking the poverty cycle through Education and Jesus


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The Children at Risk (C@R) is New Life Foundation's sponsorship program reaching impoverished children and families throughout Cambodia. Many village children have only one parent,  or are orphaned.  These children grow up in extremely poor conditions as their struggling families live day to day, not knowing where their food will come from. Our goal at C@R is to bring these at risk children hope and a bright future. 

The Children at Risk Project is working closely with pastors in the villages - we choose the neediest children to take part in our sponsorship program. Many at-risk children do not attend school because  to survive , they must labor in the rice fields with their families. The C@R program provides school supplies for the children to go to school, as well as basic food for the family. With this help, the family is able to release their children from laboring in the fields, and allow the children and opportunity for education. Children who do not receive an education, cannot break free from the cycle of poverty, but we have seen this simple sponsorship program set families free from that cycle.

The sponsorship program consists of a monthly cost of $35 USD per child to cover school expenses, rice and other supplies for their families. We request that the sponsorship period be for 3 years. In addition, we are aiming to run “Parent Seminars” to educate the parents of our sponsored children about the value of education and provide us with a further opportunity of sharing the Gospel. The costs per seminar (for up to 30 children and their parents/guardians) is approx. $150.

New Life Foundation is seeking partners who will partner with us for a a long-term, multi-generation impact on hundreds of Children and their families through this sponsorship program.

To sponsor a child at risk in a month is : $35 USD

To sponsor a child at risk for the whole year is : $420 USD

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