NLF - Individual Project

Dynamic Church Services

Building a faithful team to serve at all of our church services and events


Of $13,900 Total



We are the Dynamic Church Services team. We support every service and event at New Life Fellowship. We have a great team of both Christian youth and non-Christian youth. We deploy them at our church entrances and doors to give our church’s brothers and sisters a very warm greetings with their welcoming smiles. We organize chairs, tables, and set up all equipment behind the scene for every service as well as handling unexpected needs at emergency. We also facilitate the smooth flow of services through guiding people to available places to sit, to taking offering, to ushering out the church members following the services.

We have over 300 volunteers who have joined our team. We are so blessed to have them be part of the team to assist, not only in the normal church service but also at special events.

Our ministry is to not only reach out to non-Christians through engaging them into volunteered works, and involving them in our church programs, but also to ensure the readiness of every church event and service.

To reach out to the non-Christian dynamic team members, we provide great opportunities to involve them through teamwork, and fellowship. In addition to this, we also help our already-Christian members to grow in their leadership skills, discovering their spiritual gifts and their relationship with God.

Therefore, we believe that through our Dynamic Church Services ministry, church services and special programs are run smoothly, our non-Christian volunteers will come to know Jesus personally and our Christian volunteers will grow in their leadership, in their relationship with God and others.

In addition, the Dynamic Church Services team is a ministry that disciples and grows leaders quickly, as we have seen many leaders raised up from within this ministry.

We ask that you partner with by considering to sponsor some or all of our ministry and to join us in praying for the success of our ministry.

This project needs $13,900 USD for 2019.

Thanks for considering partnering with us.

 God bless you. 


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