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Reach the Next Generation

We build the next  generations by making disciples of children


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3 John 1:4 “Nothing brings me greater happiness than to hear that my children are obeying the truth”.

Our heart desires is to lay the solid Christian foundations to children and bring them to their salvation. Just as much as adults need God’s words, children also need to hear God’s words, obey the words of God, and to live by the living words. Once they stick with the words, their foundations in Christ will be like an unbreakable rock in their lives.  

Some children do not experience parental affections. We provide them with family environmental atmospheres. Some even have gone through violence in their lives. Here, we provide them with fun environments, and a place to learn the truths of God.  

In Khmer saying, a bamboo shoot is the next generation of bamboo trees. To shape an iron is only when it is burning hot. This means, whatever we sow seeds in their lives, whatever we want to impact, and whatever we want to discipline them, the best time is when they are young because when they grow up, it is much more difficult to discipline them.  

We want to help them begin to hear the callings of God since they are in their young age. Some children started to sing in front of their peers, some already share that Jesus love them to their communities even to their parents while others comfort their friends when they are unhappy. Some certain gifts can be seen among them already.  

This year, we led 52 children to give their lives to the Lord. What a joy to see young children come to the Kingdom of God.  There are about 400 children from age 1 – 13 attending our children services every Sunday.  

Through our children ministry, we have seen children are more confident to socialize with other children, friendlier to one another. They learn to share with one another, and help each other.

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