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Growing Tree Internship Program

Empowering 30 recently graduated youths to be leaders


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New Life’s Growing Trees Internship is a 10 month program that provides a safe environment and leadership development for approximately 30 young people per year.

The interns come from the following scenarios:  

-Young people who have just graduated from high school and are often not equipped with the character and decision-making abilities necessary to go on to live a successful life.  

-Within the church, young people who are saved lack a strong Biblical foundation for their faith and often, do not understand their identity in Jesus.  

Our ministry is designed to equip young men and women to be Daniels - this means to live influential and successful lives in whatever area God has called them to. We focus on 4 S. They are Shake, Shape, Serve and Send.    

Most of our interns have very little money. In order to keep our costs to a bare minimum, those who join us from the outlying provinces live in our Next Step dorms, and many just to eat, rely on a small rice supplement provided by the dorm. They are required to pay a small amount to join the internship, but that money only covers a fraction of the costs of running the internship. Our staff are a combination of expat volunteers and Khmer church employees

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